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Subfloor Installation Tips:

Here is a summary of the most important tips discussed in this article:

  • Choose the paneling (usually OSB or plywood) for your subfloor based on the type of finished flooring that will be on top
    • Match the rigidity to the heaviness of the material on top
    • Thickness of the paneling is determined by spacing of the joists, the type of finished flooring, and the quality of paneling material
  • Consult the building code for your province
    • They will provide standards for materials, thickness, fasteners, and how the panels need to be placed
  • When installing your subfloor, ensure the that joists or slab are level, dry, and clean
  • Never have four panels meet in one point and generally install them with ⅛” gaps
  • To reduce squeaking, consider using screws as fasteners with an appropriate screw gun for speed
    • Ensure the spaces between the screws are no more than 3” to prevent flex, squeaking, and cracking
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