About us

Smartnail Tools & Fasteners Inc. was started in 1997 to supply local home building contractors on site with fastener products used in building homes. Our products include strip nails, coil nails and hand nails for the frame of the house, as well as staples to secure sheeting to the frame and roofing nails.  We also provide finish and brad nails used to install doors, windows and trim.

Our featured product is the Grabber Automated Floor screwing system.  This product allows the contractor to stay standing while screwing down the plywood flooring and underlay. 

Our primary goal is service.  We have a truck which delivers to job sites so contractors can spend their time building and not driving around purchasing materials.

Need something straight away? We have a London, Ontario warehouse where contractors and DIY homeowners can come to purchase the items they need.

Whether you're a contractor or a DIY homeowner, use the Contact feature on our website or call us at 519-488-4943 to get started fulfilling your fastening needs the Smart way.