Grabber SuperDrive

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Shift into Superdrive® with Grabber's SuperDrive auto screw system!  No more fingering screws... Super drive does it all automatically!  No jams, less fatigue - handles 3 eighths to 3 inch screws!  Super drive... For everything from steel framing and drywall to subfloor!  It's the fast, easy way to put up drywall and steel and put down subfloor.

This complete tool kit comes with the SuperDrive 75 Series tool, a Rocker 4000 RPM screw gun, a nose piece for Drywall/Decking and Subfloor/Metal to Metal applications, LOX™ and Phillips bits.

Use for any screw application from 3/4” - 3”.

Use with screw diameters from #6 - #12.

Simple design, easy to service.

Compact and lightweight industrial design.

Most versatile tool on the market.

Set and forget depth control system.

Extra long bit life with patented LOX bits.