Strip Nails, as the name implies are nails that are collated into strips of 40 (standard number in strip) which are held together by paper tape which is glued to the nails or by welding wire in two locations on the strip of nails or by holding them with   plastic as is the case with 21 degree nails.  Strip nails come in 21 degree, 28 degree and 34 degree configuration.  You must match your tool to the configuration of the strip nails.  The configuration used primarily in your area should be established before purchasing nail guns.  At Smartnail Tools & Fasteners we will match the nails to the degree of your nail gun.  Our supply of strip nails includes smooth shank, spiral shank (28 degree) and ring shank.  You can get them with a hot dip galvanized coating for use in barn construction and for building decks and fences.  

In Stock Strip Nails and Hanger Nails

Specialty Strip Nails and Hanger Nails

Specialty Strip Nails ordered on demand. Please call for an accurate quote stating quantity required.

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